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Course Material

TP101 - Introduction to publications and basic concepts

TP201 - Intermediate concepts and management essentials

TP301 - Advanced concepts in digital data standards and automation


Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) / Maintenance Procedures (MP)

This manual describes overall system features and components and the activities that are necessary to operate and maintain the system on the aircraft.

Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalog (AIPC) / Illustrated Parts Data (IPD)

This manual is used by line maintenance technicians to identify replacement part numbers.

Fault Isolation Manual (FIM) / Troubleshooting Manual (TSM)

This manual identifies known BITE and observed faults and instructs technicians on procedures and guidelines necessary to detect and correct problems with system equipment.

Wiring Manual (WM)

This manual identifies the interconnections of components on the aircraft.

Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) / Component Maintenance Publication (CMP)

This manual provides bench and shop maintenance information. The maintenance philosophy is based primarily upon shop testing and doing sub-component repair, and then returning a unit back to service.

Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM)

This manual gives the same information as the CMM but for ground equipment.

Service Bulletin (SB)

This information gives planning and material information as well as accomplishment instructions for various maintenance and part replacement initiatives. It is intended for use by the technicians who perform line maintenance and/or by bench and shop repair persons (as appropriate).

Engineering Order (EO)

Using the OEM Service Bulletin as a basis, these documents are issued as detailed instructions for airline operators or maintenance technicians regarding required changes for a particular component or system.

Task Cards

Using the AMM as a basis, these documents are issued as detailed instructions for airline operators or maintenance technicians for a variety of scheduled tasks.

Go Mobile with a Tablet-ready IETM

The era of mobile devices demands interactive technical content offline, online, anytime. Save time and efficiency with an intelligent content access tool for operators and maintenance personnel. Limit the content view that applies to your work order with applicability filtering. Connect to the CSDB to retrieve the current maintenance data.