We use and license the four-time patented SkyWriter® Digital Publishing Technologies, our own proprietary SaaS web application that leverages best-in-class technology to create, manage, and exchange digital data with guaranteed compliance to current industry guidelines and specifications including the ATA iSpec2200 and ASD S1000D standards.

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SkyWriter® Digital Publishing Technologies

SkyWriter® is a cutting-edge ERP web application specifically designed for the aerospace industry. It offers unparalleled efficiency in managing production and ensuring compliance with ATA and S1000D standards for technical publications. Learn about the various modules below.


Powers our digital world


Unlimited possibility


The leader in RDBMS

iWiN Customer Portal

Introducing iWiN (I Want, I Need!), the ultimate solution for managing publication-specific job, program, part, document request, data module, training data, and more. With iWiN, you can effortlessly track and manage critical production attributes, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Choose from a vast selection of metadata fields and associations to tailor the system to your specific needs. Generate customized reports, save and share them with ease, and take advantage of advanced features such as grouping, sorting, rearranging, resizing columns, exporting, and connecting reports to the scheduled notifications engine. Experience the power of dynamic saved reports with date token variables and data integrity indicators. Assign role-based security to ensure data confidentiality. Plus, leverage the tracker reports API to seamlessly post metrics and job production status KPIs directly from the SkyWriter® database to your organization's web portal. Unlock the full potential of your operations with iWiN and optimize the way you manage your tech data.

User-Built Reports

Customize and save your filters

Entity Trackers

Unsurpassed search and reporting capabilities

Document Requests

Web-based document change request system


Experience the power of seamless job-specific, demand management, and production control with SkyWriter®. Our Job Builder module empowers you to effortlessly load and manage crucial details, including descriptions, document numbers, revision levels, due dates, notes, stage/status updates, document requests, PO/invoice financial details, work assignments, correspondence, parts/aircraft applicability, programs, source data, book build options, review cycles, and document archiving and distribution. With SkyWriter®, you gain complete control over your operations, ensuring efficient workflow management and enhanced productivity. Seamlessly navigate through the complexities of job-specific demands and effortlessly track production details, all within a single, intuitive platform. Embrace the future of streamlined production management and elevate your business to new heights.

Job Details

Manage the entire production process

Power to Build

Data module-based smart builds

Review Cycle

Web-based customer review cycle manager

Simple SKD

The Simple SKD (S1000D) content converter is a meticulously designed assortment of custom-built, parameterized data processors that seamlessly convert legacy ATA 2200 content into the standardized S1000D XML format. As part of the suite, Simple SKD offers a comprehensive range of features, including a source package validation interface, a management portal for configuring reference resolution, page block and maintenance code mapping, and static content handling. With flexible conversion parameters, you have complete control over text content handling, enabling direct conversion or editor import for seamless incorporation of technical changes. Additionally, the converter provides various graphics conversion options and more. Our conversion protocols are already developed for CMM to 1000BR CMP, AMM to A350 MP, ESM to procedural data modules, AIPC to IPD, Service Bulletins, and beyond. Furthermore, we offer customized transforms for any data set, ensuring a tailored solution for your specific needs. Experience the power of the Simple SKD converter and revolutionize your conversion processes today.

Simple SKD Manager

Administer static DMs, references, and more

Simple CMP

Convert ATA 2200 CMMs into S1000D CMPs

S1000D Detail Parameters

Enter or upload job-specific conversion details

Product Definition

SkyWriter® empowers you to define and create engineering and maintenance documentation with utmost precision. Seamlessly enter and utilize detailed equipment and location information, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Effortlessly track and manage customer program plan details, streamlining your operations. With SkyWriter®, you can load and manage crucial aircraft information, including MSN/tail no., aircraft types/models, operator data, zone definitions, circuit breakers, access panels, version-tracked customer source data, and specific product and software system information in your own electronic product library. Seamlessly associate maintenance data with these definitions, enabling smart content management and automatic customization filtering. Experience the power of SkyWriter® to optimize your documentation processes, enhance productivity, and achieve unparalleled results.

System Parts List

Equipment, applicability, locations, and more

Source Data Tracker

Tightly track source data and revision levels

Program Management

Planning together


Experience the power of the SkyWriter® WYSIWYG editor, designed to be both user-friendly and customizable. With easily accessible context menus and a synchronized web preview, you can effortlessly create content that meets your exact specifications. Our electronic library pools offer a wealth of authoring items that can be seamlessly inserted into your work. Preview options provide a variety of views to enhance your workflow. Toggle writer's comments, revision marking, and data associations with utmost ease. Our full-text smart search and replace feature ensures efficient content management.

Stay efficient with our job information summary page, offering quick links to associated jobs, source data lists, parent programs, and more. Built-in quality checks with links to problematic content ensure accuracy and reliability. With just one click, you can publish your work as a PDF or digital data. Real-time automated revision marking and highlights information generation streamline your revision process.

Manage templates and reusable content like never before, thanks to our advanced data, product, and logic associations. No digital data or tagging experience is required, making it accessible to all users. Our predefined schemas guarantee that your content adheres to the required structure and specifications without any disruptions.

Navigate effortlessly within archived books and copy content with ease. Our comprehensive suite of authoring schemas covers a wide range of essential documents, including CMM/CMP, AMM/MP, AIPC/IPD, FIM/TSM, WDM, SB, MPD, EO, and Task Cards. Elevate your authoring experience with our innovative solution and unlock new levels of efficiency and precision.


Treeview, preview, and guided context. Real-time auto-revision marking

Quality Assurance

Built-in quality checks, validation, and troubleshooting guides and links

Publish Deliverables


XML-Based SVG Illustration

The SkyWriter® Magic Macros plugin for Corel Designer is a powerful tool designed to create intelligent graphic objects that adhere to the strict guidelines for technical illustrations. It enables users to effortlessly generate graphics that meet the industry's rigorous standards, ensuring accuracy and compliance. By leveraging the capabilities of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), the VB-based macros empowers users to create high-quality, scalable illustrations that can be easily customized and modified. Technical illustration professionals can streamline their workflow, save time, and ensure that their illustrations meet the industry's stringent technical guidelines. Our magic plugin is an indispensable tool for achieving precision and adherence to the industry standards.

Graphics Libary

Control your illustration effort

Corel Designer Plugin

Custom toolbar with graphic object builder

XSL Transformation

Assemble masters from SVG library, 4-into-1!

Tech Authoring E-Library

The SkyWriter® technical authoring electronic library is a comprehensive collection of interfaces designed to optimize the authoring and production process. With its intuitive capabilities, you can effortlessly load and manage critical data entities, ensuring consistency, reusability, and accuracy throughout your authoring operations. Track and leverage pertinent information, including parts, data modules, IPD figures, graphics, standard instruction text/notes, warnings/cautions, vendor CAGE codes and addresses, standard numbering system (SNS) with part and product system associations, ATA chapters, page blocks, maintenance function and info codes, SB mod dot manager, and an extensive array of other essential elements. Experience the ultimate in efficiency and precision with the Tech Authoring E-Library, empowering authors unparalleled content accuracy and quality.


Master part/BOM, building blocks of part lists

Data Modules

Store reusable content modularly, build smart

IPD Figures

IPD figure repos and custom part list builder

Admin and iWish Support

Effortlessly manage customers, user groups, roles, personnel, reports, scheduled notifications, job types, work assignments, source data types, quality checklists, review settings, and lists of common values. Our robust administrative capabilities empower you to efficiently organize and control every aspect of your operations. With SkyWriter®, take charge of your administrative tasks and unlock a new level of productivity and efficiency.


Manage user accounts, rights, and roles


Schedule workflow notifications embedded with custom tracker report content and links

iWish Support

Take advantage of our online support portal to report issues or share ideas.